About Me - EN


I was born september 10 th, in Novi Kneževac , Serbia (then Yugoslavia) as a member of the Hungararian minority in the multiethnic region of Vojvodina. I live and work in Padej. I finished Technical High School in 1986. I am self -taught artist.

I am painting since 1988. I took part in work of "TAKT" in Temerin [Temerin Workshop and Art Camp] in 1993 and every summer for 5 year [1993-1997]. I learned the basics there but the rest of the knowledge i mostly learned by myself. Participation in the camp was a defining experience for me. The gained experiences and the joy of creation had a big impact on me, from which later i could always draw strenght for future work. So, comitted myself to art.

I was a member of "LIVAC" cultural association in Kikinda from 1993. for many years, where I participated in several group exhibition.

We formed with some art-loving friends the "Takáts Rafael" Hungarian Culture Circle in the village in 1996, where our main goal was set to keep Hungarian tradition, also occasionally one artist gets the opportunity for exhibition at the association`s headquarter. I was the president of the Association between 1997-2003 and i am still an active member.

Considering my work from the very beginning i painted landscapes, and soon i made a brief detour into the world of surrealism and abstraction. I became interested in figurative painting from the mid-90s. I painted mainly the so-called mundane topics such as music, dance, the famale nude.

I am working on a new series since 2010 where the features of abstract expressionism can be discovered. That time completing the work depending on my mood, the hidden or not hidden words, phrases, and the calligraphic line tours imitating them, gestures, brush writings, all together became my personal writing. I try to bring my temper into these images, the outbreak of my mood where the main focus is on swing of brushwork.

If you are interested in my work or have any question, please contact me.

Best regard: László Retek