About Me - EN


I was born september 10 th, 1967 in Serbia (then Yugoslavia) as a member of the Hungarian minority in the multiethnic region of Vojvodina. I have been educating myself in the field of fine arts in a self-taught way since 1988. In the 90s, for five summers (1993-1997), I was a columnist member of the third generation of the Fine Arts Camp in Temerin, TAKT (Temerin Creative Workshop and Fine Arts Camp). I learned the basics there, but I learned the rest mainly on my own. Attending the camp was a defining experience for me. The experience I gained there and the joy of creation had a great impact on me, from which I was always able to draw strength for further work later on. That’s when I committed myself to art. Since then, as a “freelancer” I have been trying to increase my professional skills as much as possible, with a lot of persistent and in-depth work.

From the beginning to the present, my creative activity, as it used to be, has gone through several phases. For some time now, I have chosen one of the forms of gesture painting as my main artistic means of self-expression, in which I have found creative freedom and routine, and within that, writing is interested in text and the word as a visual sign. For me, painting is an experiment, a challenge, a freedom, a suffering at the same time, driven by curiosity. Depending on my mood, at the time the work is completed, hidden or not hidden words and phrases and calligraphic lines, gestures, brushstrokes that mimic them together become my personal writing. I try to incorporate my temper, my outbursts of mood into these images where the main focus is on vigorous brushstrokes. I’m trying to create something new, or something old that in a form like the one I paint hasn’t been seen before.

Most of the time I think and create in series. When making a series, I am usually characterized by years of retired studio work, which is the basis for a calm and balanced work.

If you are interested in my work or have any questions, please contact me!

Sincerely, László Retek