The legibility of authentic writing in the pictures of László

László Retek has been trying to evolve in the world of painting for three decades, and as time goes by this evolvement in his maturity, style and use of colors are increasingly visible. Retek has already left many paintings behind him in countless stages and cycles. He has already painted landscapes, portraits, figures, and abstracts in which he has been searching some time, for new and original artistic boundaries.

The last phase of his painting over the past decade has formed a coherent whole that requires the skill to experience, not only as a simple observation, but also as a thought, not only the enjoyment of shapes, colors, techniques, but also the thought-emotional intervention. Because they speak to their own surface, there are many semantic references hidden in the depth of the pores behind the colors and shapes, in the depths where artwork is usually begins.

The series of László Retek's paintings, called "letter-pictures", opens up a wide area of interpretation, both from the personal, authentic and general viewpoint of the works. As the name implies, these paintings can be visually linked to handwritten letters as if they were seeking a dialogue between painting and literature, which, as it is well known, often coexist. Numerous works of art history show that the image is related to the word and vice versa. We know that nothing can exist without words, but man also need the image to make it easier for his being to understand that there is something that means the word.

Retek seems to be trying to keep the original range in the work, for example. by copying newspaper texts, inserting fibreboard elements into magnets with the help of magnets he transform your personal inspirations into a tangible existence by painting word fragments, providing depth, width, color. Like any artist who adds depth, quality to his work with, this gesture sends us a more universal message, justifying the profound, true art in his profession - turning to the world and interpreting it.

Observing modern existence, we know that in the virtual world that surrounds us, words lose weight and images occupy all our senses. And these are not our pictures but offer them to us as a final result. László Retek starts a dialogue with this model and brings back the meaning of the words, revives old letters, and reminisces in pen notes from childhood notebooks. Rereading your inbox will delight you back into the past, providing a solution to the current situation - taking a picture of words and finding the balance of these brush strokes in a world disturbed by virtual reality.

It takes us back to the original form of the written letter, which alone is capable of absorbing and filling the spirit of the human soul, unlike the printed, impersonal and untruthful electronic texts, without the personal imprint of the author's handwriting. Handwriting, as something completely unique, original, and authentic, but unwavering in radishes, radiates and attracts the realization that we are all unique and that our readability is our attribute. That we can provide it as needed, not on a model basis.

We can state that at this stage of his painting László Retek has found his own atmosphere in which he feels comfortable and stable. In the initial phase of exploring textures for elements, he incorporates details into the intimate life of the canvas in the form of geometric shapes to develop his view of the world around him. His commitment to individuality is boldly immersed in geometry in which another meaning and message is embedded. Fibreboard, from which you cut out the desired geometric shape, attaches it to the leaf and fixes them with a magnet at the back of the image, allowing the images to be able to live with or without these shapes. The paintings become three-dimensional and communicate with the viewer as a statue.

Unleashing pure literary sentences on canvas and transforming it into a picture as boundaries move today science and art are often strongly intertwined, and on canvas we find geometric shapes that fit perfectly into their own dimensions, outlines, colors, and position world. Retek, with his geometric forms, does not end his search for new foundations in painting; This endeavor reinforces the artist in the development of his personality and the personality in the artist, which represents the necessary rotation for the endless search for perfection.

Milošev Jelena - poet